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We are a Multi-Specialty Practice

Therefore, your statement may include multiple providers.  For your convenience, you are able to remit your payment for multiple providers / services in a single step by using the “Multi-Practice Single Payment Portal” located at the bottom of the list.

You are always welcome to make multiple payments to the individual practices.

You will want to find your provider/practice and
use the Pay Now button for that location.

If you are unsure or have multiple, provider/practice use the Multi-Specialty option at the bottom.

The image below is an example.

Click on the practice for your provider,
if you are not sure of the practice or for hospital locations,
choose the multi-practice option at the bottom.

Cardiology and Vascular Associates

Kirit Patel, M.D.
Michele DeGregorio, M.D.
Russell Steinman, M.D.
Abdul Halabi, M.D.
Rajiv Nair, MD
Anjani Rao, MD
Aaref Badshah, M.D.
C.S Reddy, M.D.
Kathryn Pitone-Lipkin, D.O.
Abdul Hasan, M.D.
Feras Aloka, M.D.
Stacy, Loree, D.O.
Antonino Matina, PA
Dana Vitanovski-Petrovski, ANP-BC
Cindy Fusco, MSN, ACNP-BC
Jennifer Davey, ACNP
Ryan Andrews, NP
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Timothy Lamb, M.D.
Varsha Revankar, M.D.

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Lakes Internal Medicine

Christian McTurk, M.D.
Elaine Brenner, M.D.
Saad Paul Kemnnu, M.D.
Chevelle Yuzon, M.D.
Nina Ong, PA

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Mark Florek, M.D.
Jeffery Meyers, M.D.
Revark Kammo, M.D.


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Twin Lakes Family Medicine

Priyesh Patel, M.D.

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Pulmonary Sleep & Wellness Center

Robin Elkus, M.D.

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Vascular Center of Michigan

Kirit Patel, M.D.
Michele DeGregorio, M.D.
Abdul Halabi, M.D.
Feras Aloka, M.D.
Jeffrey Kandt, M.D.

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Oakland Lung and Sleep Specialists

Ali Najar, M.D.
Mihaela (Ela) Sescioreanu, M.D.

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Kingswood Internal Medicine

Imad Mansoor, M.D.

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Multi-Practice Single Payment Portal

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St. Joseph Mercy, Beaumont, McLaren, Huron Valley

Aaref Badshah, MD
Abdul Halabi, MD
Abdul Hasan, MD
Ali Najar, MD
Antonino Matina, PA
Christian McTurk, MD
Cindy Fusco, NP
Dana Vitanovski-Petrovski, NP
Dana Yuzon, NP
Elain Brenner, MD
Feras Aloka, MD
Imad Mansoor, MD
Jennifer Davey, NP
Jeffrey Kandt, MD
Jeffery Meyers, MD
Priyesh Patel, MD
Karen Vrabel, NP
Kathryn Pitone-Lipkin, DO
Kirit Patel, MD
Mark Florek, MD
Michele DeGregorio, MD
Mihaela (Ela) Sescioreanu, MD
Nina Ong, PA
Rajiv Nair, MD
Randall Reher, MD
Robin Elkus, MD
Ryan Andrews, NP
Russell Steinman, MD
Saad Kemennu, MD
Timothy Lamb, MD
Varsha Revankar, MD

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Click on the practice for your provider, if you are not sure of the practice or for hospital locations,
choose the multi-practice option just above.

No Surprise Billing Act: This Act takes effect January 1, 2022. The purpose of the Act is to prevent unexpected out of network bills to patients who have services provided at facility (i.e. hospital, surgery center) or services provided that are related to the service provided at the facility. This act does not apply to patients with Medicare or Medicaid types of coverage or patients with insurance that is in network.

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